The Princess of Selgovae and the High King

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From Gaul, through Old Britannia, to the far shores of Iceland, an empire was established by the light and strength of primitive Christianity, opposed by malevolent forces.
For half of a millennium the British Isles were ruled by Rome, until the Sixth Legion was recalled to the mainland. Without a united defense, the ancient Britons suffered unimaginable carnage as wave after wave of Picts, Angles, Saxons, and Frisians pillaged and conquered their land, ushering in an era of paganism. However, in the midst of this darkness there was one season of light, an interlude of peace. The Age of the Princess of Selgovae is not known by her name, but by the name of the High King who loved her.
Arthurian legends are the supreme sagas of all time, surviving the maze of centuries—inspiring nobility and hope for a future utopia of like grandeur. In them are found examples of exceptional goodness and abysmal wickedness. Chivalry and love abound, as do the contrasts of barbarism and seduction. There are tales of courageous faith, rousing us to gallantry—and stories of the occult, fearfully warning of depths to which men and angels fall. There is distinctive style to the symbols and types of this era—kings and queens, immortals and demigods, wizards and witches, dragons and lions.
Outside of Holy Writ, ancient histories are sparse and interwoven with myth. However, by carefully examining the worn cloth of ages we discover golden strands of hidden truth. In A Tetralogy of Tales are amazing stories, untold for centuries.

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